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Mission Statement

Our mission is to collaborate with Hôpital Albert Schweitzer – Haiti to improve the health care and quality of life for the people of the Artibonite valley. 


The primary goal of CFHAS is to provide funds to HAS to assist in meeting the maternal and child health care needs at the hospital and surrounding areas.


Our History

Better known as “Canadian Friends of Hôpital Albert Schweitzer” or simply CFHAS, we are a Registered Canadian Charity that operates to raise money to help the Hospital.

The development of CFHAS can be traced back to several individuals from the Southern Ontario region who lived and worked at HAS in the 80’s and 90’s. They recognized the benefits that would derive from recruiting and organizing volunteers to come and work at the hospital.  The number and frequency of these work and awareness teams grew over the years creating a network of participants.  In 2003 this volunteer group of supporters formalized their commitment by becoming a registered charity and the Canadian Friends of HAS was formed.

Since its inception, CFHAS has raised over $1,000,000 for the hospital and continues to organize visiting work teams.  CFHAS also engages in raising awareness of HAS through regular fundraising events, public appearances and social media.​

CFHAS is very proud to continue as we began – an all volunteer organization, with no salaries or expensive overheads which would diminish the money we provide to the hospital.


About Hôpital Albert Schweitzer’s (HAS)

Founders Larry and Gwen Mellon were inspired by the life and philosophy of Albert Schweitzer to dedicate their lives and the Mellon family fortune to the creation, growth and maintenance of this hospital. Hôpital Albert Schweitzer - Haiti is an integrated rural health system which since 1956 has been providing medical care and community health and development programs for over 300,000 impoverished people in the Artibonite Valley of central Haiti.

Visiting medical and health professionals from North America and abroad work with a permanent Haitian staff of almost 900. Financial support comes from partner organizations and private individuals around the world.

More information about the hospital can be found at

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