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Road2Hope Marathon


On the weekend of Nov. 2 - 4, 2018, the Canadian Friends of Hopital Albert Schweitzer once again participated in the Road2Hope Hamilton Marathon as one of the Community Partners.


As several members of the CFHAS Road2Hope committee  set up our table Friday afternoon, the festive air of a race was palpable, with runners coming through to pick up their race packets, chatting with race organizers and others.  The participants know that the backbone of the race is the many volunteers who work to make it possible and in itself creates a feeling of appreciation. This was evidenced again on Saturday the first events of the 5/10 Km walk/run, when  so many of the runners/walkers thanked the volunteers who were handing out nourishment in the Food Tent.


This year CFHAS  had 40 participants of varying ages most of whom  ran/walked in the 5 KM section of the activities. A number of younger children from the First Unitarian Church in Hamilton participated in the 1 Km section, they alone raised over $1,000.00.  Congratulations kids!! Two intrepid folks ran the Marathon on Sunday.


We would like to thank all of the participants and the volunteers who helped us along the way. Together with your sponsors you helped us surpass our goal of $6,000 by $2,100.  THANK YOU. All proceeds from the race go to HAS to help support a physician’s salary.


Road to Hope Weekend -- What a Rush!

Personal Testimony of Ginny M.


‘Race environments are positive and full of energy as everyone feels the excitement of the race, wondering how it’s going to turn out, how your body and mind will (or won’t!) work together, given the race conditions on any given day.  I along with many others are energized by both the sense of accomplishment as we cross the finish line as well as with the support of family members and friends cheering us on in person or by so willingly donating to our sponsorship requests.  


I ran the marathon on Sunday, my first in a very long time. The weather started off friendly but got a little more challenging as the day went on.  I was buoyed by the generosity of those supporting me and the accomplishments our energized group at Canadian Friends of HAS has achieved with our participation as a Community Partner….$45,000 overall has been sent to the Hospital in Haiti.   I had a good race, and knowing that we are impacting positively on those less fortunate than we, made it a perfect weekend for me personally. Thank you to everyone who have supported me (some again and again) and encouraged me along the way.

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